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Most weekends are spent running around, doing errands, visiting people, working on projects (especially when you buy an old fixer-upper) and it feels like we need to slow down. After an (unsuccessful) attempt to install a wi-fi thermostat and determining that we really do need to hire a plumber for another issue, we were fortunate to have nothing else going on this Saturday and honestly I didn’t want to leave the house. The temperature barely cracked the double digits F and we ventured outside only when letting the dogs out. In honor of our pampered little pugs, who have to suffer the cold to do their business, some haiku (haikus?):


While dreaming, she kicks me

somnolence incarnate, legs

fluttering as wings



Gregarious boy

he springs forth shouting the words

I want to know you



Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to duck back under that blanket and cuddle a snoring dog.