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Let’s celebrate the twenty-sixth letter,
the dazzling frazzling Zed,
a letter whose buzz brings a clench to the jaw
and zithering hum to the head.
To love the Z is to hum merrily
on a kazoo for hours infinite
Watching buzzards zip by, seeking bright azure skies
over zebras on Zanzibar’s inlets.
Without the brave Z we would not be abuzz,
hear a campfire sizzle and pop
(but you might see a grizzly bear’s brown furry fuzz)
a bizarre camping tale, hard to top!
Hooray for the Z, always last, wild and free
It’s zany and crazy, trailblazing –
the first letter A may be common, you see
but his most distant cousin’s amazing!

by Melissa Kro.

Today was a lot of z-words: doozy, crazy, fazing. That, and I felt pretty silly.

via Daily Prompt: Zip