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there are flowers of yellow,
daffodil and dandelion, splashes
of violets, violet! and white,
nestled amongst emerald green geometry
and unforgiving gray walkways

there are streams, brilliant waters
sparkling blue and muddy brown,
some green and thick with algae
teeming with life within, along
shores lined with gray granite pebbles

there are skies, far above,
mostly ordinary blue, but clouds
roll in, pale wisps of cotton
and at times, there are storms
mounting powerful gray thunderheads

gray is hard as concrete, a
handle of pebbles, a stone,
formidable as storm clouds
and a darkening sky, but
my heart sees gray
in the downy breast of a dove, the
fluff of mouse fur, the
tiny soft things of life.

by Melissa Kro.

via Daily Prompt: Gray